What's an Include Page?
(includes apply to FrontPage )
(.lib files apply to Dreamweaver)
Click here to view video instructions.

Many of the page 'elements' for your website have been embedded into an 'include' page for quick and easy updating of your website. By editing one include page, all the page template pages that use that 'included' page element will also be updated. This can save you many hours, as you only need to change an element once in order to modify all the attached pages.

One of the benefits of using a single include page for each element is that you can 'delete' the element from that include page, if you do not want to use it in your website. Deleting an element from it's include page, will remove it from all pages in your site.

Please view our video tutorial, and see just how easy it is to modify the include pages for your website.

Included elements:

  • horizontal links at top of page
  • logo (Website Name swish file)
  • page title
  • google search (Try Google Site Search)
  • menu heading (Navigate Our Site)
  • FrontPage Menu bar (Vertical Menu Bar)
  • What's New! (scroller heading)
  • Scroller Content
  • text links (at bottom of page)
  • Bookmark Us
  • Contact Button (email link)
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