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Kajukembo is a universal martial art that was designed for realistic self defense. Although all martial arts make this claim, Kajukembo self defense techniques were designed to defend against the street fighter. Unlike most traditional martial arts that were designed more than a century ago, or the modern day schools that are designed more for tournament point sparring and exhibition.

Kajukembo techniques consist of Karate, Ju Jitsu, Judo, Kempo and Gung Fu. What makes it unique is not just the proven techniques, it's the concept that makes it effective, and the way we train makes it different, but most importantly, Kajukembo is REAL, TRUE AND PURE SELF-DEFENSE!

Almost all schools today have ventured into other martial arts to mix their art and make it more effective, and to keep up with the trends. The difference is NOT in the technique, it is in how you train. You cannot have a sporty, fun karate class with different martial art styles and be complete. The difference is that these schools are just adding recipes to their menu's while Kajukembo schools are teaching the art of cooking, (so to speak).

Kajukembo was developed in 1947 in the Palama Settlement of Hawaii by experts in the mentioned arts. These men would take their new combined art to the street and literally test it, then make the necessary adjustments until they had the complete system we know as Kajukembo, or Kajukenbo.