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Kajukembo Self-Defense Systems is one of very few schools left that still teach martial arts as a means of self defense and not a sport, or a business. Unfortunately, many instructors take what they have learned, water it down and make it appealing, and maintain a full class by prematurely promoting students (usually kids), through belt ranks and hopes of being able to protect themselves in a real situation. These instructors like to target kids and parents looking for schools where their kids can learn to protect themselves. Parents should be cautious of schools where they see eight year old black belts who are far from the maturity level to hold the rank of "teacher".

"I would rather fill the students with class than the class with students" (Sigung Israel Gonzales). We do not offer buttons, stripes, ribbons, trophies or medals. We only offer true and pure self defense. Belts are earned through hard work. Skill is acquired through time. Respect, honor and integrity are the reward.





Israel Gonzales is a Certified Instructor in the art of Kajukembo, and a direct student of the late Grand Master Richard L. Peralta.

Sigung Israel Gonzales is the Chief Instructor of the Kajukembo Self-Defense Systems of Watauga and Fort Worth, Texas, and has been consistently teaching Kajukembo for over twelve years for the Watauga Recreation Department.

Sigung Gonzales' knowledge in numerous fighting styles compliments more than 28 years of martial arts experience.  His achievements and natural fighting ability work in concert with his innovative teaching style, and enable "Sifu" Gonzales to promote an effective and comprehensive system of self-defense.

Sigung Israel Gonzales teaches a true martial art, and not a commercial art. Students are trained to defend themselves against real life situations with techniques and training concepts that are effective in self defense situations as oppose to point sparring and no contact self defense that is practiced in commercial schools.



Kajukembo students are taught to use what is more effective rather than what looks more flashy.  Once the techniques have been learned, they are individualized to the students strengths, stature, and natural body movements to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Students learn to move quickly and effectively, and are trained to take their opponents out quickly.   The attack should be as short as possible but should not be limited, and should flow into an arsenal of attacks if needed.  Students learn to adjust and adapt to their opponents reactions while executing their technique.